10 Things Every Preppy Guy Needs

1. Needlepoint belt. The ultimate prep accessory, featuring designs like sailboats, dogs, horses, a school crest, or just stripes. Also with clever designs for special occasions like little Christmas trees. Smathers and Branson

2. Regimental striped tie from your school or club. Every prep man has a school, organization, society, or private club he associates with that will have it's own tie design with stripes or crests for members to wear at social gatherings.

3. L.L.Bean monogramed Boat and Tote bags. Pick your color and monogram style and build a collection. They wear well and can be used for a lifetime.

4. Martini shaker. Know how to fix a good martini and practice daily.

5. Sperry Top-siders. On the boat and just walking around. Avoid socks.

6. Evening clothes. Never rent your tuxedo, it's tacky and shows. Always wear with a black silk bowtie (not pre-tied).

7. Navy gold-button blazer. Worn with khakis and loafers, this is the quintessential prep outfit. Brooks Brothers

8. Weejuns. No explanation needed.

9. Good khakis. We like Bills Khakis, they are classic, sturdy, traditional, and timeless.

10. Gucci loafers. You'll always be recognized as prep with your Gucci horse-bit loafers. Wear with a suit, or casually without socks. ~

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