In this ASSOULINE culture classic, Ms. Salk begins the book by musing about childhood images, "carpooling in Mrs. Getchel's creaky Volvo scattered in dog and horse hair; bike riding in Edgartown, Martha's Vinyard dressed in drug-store flip-flops..." and in doing so beautifully captures quintessential WASP/prep style that is casual and comfortable. And it's not ostentatious or pretentious, "...Triscuits with Cracker Barrel Cheese and warm white wine in plastic tumblers for cocktail hour."

Traditions and quirks that mark the WASP lifestyle are often glamourized by those not immersed in it; and indeed some WASPs don't even recognize the unique-ness of their culture, it is simply a way of living. Thinking of her own personal experience, Ms. Salk writes about how she became aware that the world of her childhood was unique and special.

A Privileged Life not only focuses on the author's traditional WASP lifestyle; it recognizes other genres of the upper class sometimes illustrating a more wealthy glamour.

A Privileged Life by Susanna Salk

Also to be found are interesting stories and images that document the spectrum of privileged living in a broad array of cultural topics such as fashion, food & drink, houses, sports, pets, and classic movies. ~

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A Privileged Life, by Susanna Salk, features many images including this one of W. Clifford Klenk and his wife in their Hog Island home.
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