Cocktail hour arrives and it's the time of day, regardless of other obligations, to stop and fix a martini, pour a glass of scotch, wine, or perhaps a Campari and soda. A traditional time to stop whatever it is you're doing and start drinking.

One of our favorite quotes from A Privileged Life by Susanna Salk (stay tuned for a feature on more quotes) is "Triscuits with Cracker Barrel Cheese and warm white wine in plastic tumblers for cocktail hour." Understated yet elegant. Just a part of daily life. If you grew up with this, you understand. If you didn't, then just enjoy it for what it is.

We offer here a few of our favorites for cocktail hour entertainment. Even though entertainment is not generally needed (it might be just background noise) this is just great American jazz and is always in style and classic.

1. Cocktail Jazz, Various Vocal Artists, Brooks Brothers

2. The Very Best of John Coltrane, John Coltrane

3. Billie's Best, Billie Holiday

4. Frank Sinatra Duets, Frank Sinatra

5. Bitches Brew, Miles Davis

6. The Best of Chet Baker Sings, Chet Baker

7. Idle Moments, Grant Green

8. Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert, Benny Goodman

9. Body & Soul, Coleman Hawkins

10. Return to Forever, Chick Corea

11. The Best of the Song Books, Ella Fitzgerald

12. The Millennium Collection, Louis Armstrong

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