WE'VE ADDED a new must-have to the PMH reading list. From the publisher of another favorite, A Privileged Life by Susanna Salk, ASSOULINE, brings us a new book filled with images and inspiration. This publishing house produces books that capture the spirited elegance of the leisure class in a way that hasn't been done since Slim Aarons.

Everything is modestly and elegantly displayed in this book about "savoir vivre and savoir faire, about how to live (in Lacoste) and how to be."

It tells the story of a "...cult brand; of a laughing crocodile beloved by children; of a breath, an emotion, a moment to be savored; of well-being; of vitality."

Lacoste was founded by tennis great Renee Lacoste in 1933. His new company produced tennis whites and other sporting clothes (only in white) until the 1950s when colors were introduced.

Lacoste The Element of Style

In the 1980s more products began to appear including a full line of casual and sportswear, shoes, and other accessories.

Many of us preppies grew up wearing Izod shirts which were licensed by Lacoste until 1993, and Le Tigre which appeared in the 1970s to compete with Lacoste/Izod, selling the same clothing, only replacing the croc with a tiger.

For over 70 years this brand has been a cultural icon, a recognizable and familiar totem, and a mark of the leisure class. This book brilliantly documents its history with 150 illustrations. ~

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