1. Always keep a large bottle of cheap gin in the freezer. (We all drank swill in college and our tastes never matured. And besides, expensive gin is so smooth you can't taste the gin.)

2. Start with 6 ice cubes in a martini shaker

3. Pour in 3 ounces (and a splash) of gin

4. Add a scant spoonful of dry Vermouth

5. Let the gin and Vermouth chill in the shaker for one minute; place one large stuffed olive in a martini glass (add a spoonful of olive juice if you like it dirty)

6. Shake for 10 seconds

7. Pour into glass and enjoy cocktail hour

8. If you don't feel like going to the trouble just pour gin into plastic cup and drop in an olive: Martini!

9. The word "vodka" only appears in this sentance.

10. Alright, buy a bottle of Bombay Sapphire every now and again.

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Notes on the Martini
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