Sure, we love S&B's classic belts featuring ducks or labradors, martini glasses or tennis raquets, but what about a conservative needlepoint belt you can wear everyday?

The Surcingle belts (above) are the answer. They are the newest addition to the Smathers and Branson needlepoint collection. The classic patterns of these belts make them the perfect choice for the office. Choose from one of their suggested color combinations or have one custom made with your selection of colors at no additional charge.

Office-Appropriate Needlepoint Belts from Smathers & Branson
The Basketweave belt is another great choice to wear to work, and it just happens to be a personal favorite of Peter Smathers Carter who often wears his to the S&B office.
Smathers & Branson "Basketweave belt"
Smathers & Branson "Herringbone belt"
The Herringbone pattern is truly timeless and also easily paired with your office apparel. Visit to view their entire collection of needlepoint belts and accessories. ~
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