One of the hallmarks of Preppy culture and style is its timelessness and consistency. There are, however, some variations. For example the differing styles between town and country; the regional preferences that might distinguish the Manhattan prep, from the Shaker Heights prep, or say, the Nantucket prep; and to some extent, the socio-economic differences between the thrify Maine household and the New York haute bourgeoisie.

At PMH we look for items to satisfy preps of various lifestyles, but remain consistent within certain rigid boundaries. You'll find items as diverse as red sea rig for a formal event in the tropics, a tweed champagne cooler for tailgating at the Far Hills Race Meeting, or a needlepoint dog collar. The diversity of these items is limited only by the common taste, style, sophistication, and culture of what we call Preppy.

PMH is intended to serve as a reference, a style guide, a gift-giving guide, and a divertissement. On these pages you will find a sampling of stores and products to browse in addition to news, culture, and lifestyle features.

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